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How to Book a Domain

Follow these steps for booking your Domain Name:

Step 1
In the Domain search box on the home page enter the domain name you want, select an extension for your Domain name (e.g. .com, .net, org, .tv etc.) and start your search by clicking on the Search button.

Step 2
The results page will next show you whether the Domain is available or not. If not available then you will have to resume your search again. If your Domain name is available, you may proceed to register by selecting the checkbox against the domain name you want and clicking on Continue.

Step 3
Proceed to complete the Domain registration form.

Note: INSTALINKS.NET does not need any pre-registration, and you will directly proceeded to a Domain registration form. Registration is absolutely free of cost. You only have to register once on the site.

After completing and submitting the Domain registration form, you will get an order code and will receive an email from Instalinks containing your all information pertaining to the domain that you have booked.

Your domain will be activated within 48 hrs of receiving your payment.

Note: This email does NOT mean that your domain has been registered, it merely confirms your order. You have to send the Cheque/Draft for the amount pertaining to the domain you have booked to INSTALINKS for the registration of the domain.

From the day you have applied for Domain booking, Instalinks will keep it for a maximum period of 21 days, during which you will receive reminders. After 21 days, your domain will become available again and may be booked by someone else.